The proposal for the Head of the company

Mr. Director,

The relationships between employers and Unification of Lithuanian Metalworkers’ Trade Unions are based on dialogue and negotiation, in order to reach accepted decisions for both sides.
Realizing that employees’ well-being is most affected by the company's economic situation, we are ready in available to us ways to help businesses to thrive.
Lithuanian Republic Labour Code provides a number of cases that may be beneficial for both the employer and their team, but in order to reach it, it is necessary that these conditions would be discussed and approved by a collective agreement.

The collective agreement – a written agreement between employer and employees about the job, working conditions, economic assurance, which are not predictable in laws.

According to Lithuanian Republic Labour Code, 19 and 60 clauses, 4 paragraph, Unification of Lithuanian Metalworkers’ Trade Unions offer to represent employees of company by signing a collective agreement with employers. If the proposal is acceptable for the head of the company's, the most appropriate solutions which do not restrict neither employers nor employees can be reached in meetings and negotiations with trade union representatives.

Yours respectfully,

Marija Varasimavičienė,

Chairperson of Unification of Lithuanian Metalworkers’ Trade Unions