About us

Unification of Lithuanian Metalworkers’ Trade Unions (LMPSS) – a trade association which brings together members working in the field of engineering industry - metal products, machinery, bicycles, electrotechnics and electronics industry, vehicle sector and in other industries companies.

Our objectives

Our main objective is to improve economic status and higher living standards of employees’, strengthen the movement of trade unions and represent our branch in whole Lithuania responsibly.

LMPSS care of their members’ problems in the workplace and outside the company. Negotiations due to collective bargaining are an integral part of our activities today. Collective agreements are concluded for trade unions or associations representing employees’ employment, retraining, work process organization, payment, safety in workplace, economic and social measures and additional guaranties.

Our objective is obvious – the welfare of employees. This means: fair wages, guarantees of security in the workplace and good working conditions for our members. Each employee is entitled to be kept informed about the questions related to work, working environment and safety in the workplace.